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Kathlego’s newborn shoot

Man time flies, when I photographed Kathlego’s newborn shoot it was the end of february…

And if you are reading this the day I publish this post, it is already October.
I really do not know where the year has gone. What I do know is that it has been a really great year and I have been super busy. So busy in fact that I have only posted about 8 (yes, eight) posts since february.

So over the course of the next few days / weeks I will try to catch up. They wont be long posts and not everything, there have just been too many to try and post everything, but some of my favourites.

We’ll start with a few from Kathlego’s newborn shoot. I quite like the blue tint I applied to the BW versions, great for something a little bit more interesting when printed as a large canvas or fine art print.


Kathlego. Photographed by Quintin Mills Photography

Kathlego. Photographed by Quintin Mills Photography

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