Corporate portrait Photography

You can never make a first impression the second time around so a professionally photographed business headshot or portrait must reflect your corporate image and brand to your target market.

There are two options for Corporate Portraiture:
A studio shot, where we shoot the portrait against a colour backdrop with studio lights,
Or an environmental portrait ( my favorite) which is generally in the setting of your business or the type of business you provide. I find these portraits to be much stronger and more appealing to the viewer.
I can shoot the business portraits in my studio or on location at your office, factory or in your private jet. It depends on what you are looking for so let me know what your requirements are and lets take it from there.
Environmental corporate portrait photography

Environmental portraits

A location portrait in your business environment produces a very engaging picture as well as informing the viewer about your business at the same time. The portrait can be photographed in your boardroom, private jet or in the field if that is the type of business you are in.
Lighting is every bit as important as that of a studio portrait to bring out the best of the location as well as the person in the portrait.


Studio Portraits

A studio portrait is more controlled than an environmental portrait and we have a very good idea of what the result will be. Paper backdrops in various colors are used or a set can be built depending on your requirements.
Lighting can be crafted to produce a look that ranges from the corporate to the dramatic depending on your requirements.

Studio corporate portrait and headshots



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I look forward to the opportunity to photograph your next corporate portrait. Please complete the form provided and I will send you my brochure with all the information relating to costs and options available.

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